Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Layered Template #10

I have a confession to make... actually 2 confessions to make:
1) This was originally a scraplift, and I have no idea anymore who I scraplifted. I think it was probably from a Digital Scrapbooking Magazine? Maybe #5? If I find it, I'll come back and give proper credit -- unless someone else can tell me!
2) I have no idea who created the papers I used for my LO. Again, if anyone recognizes them, please tell me so I can properly credit the artist.
*** Update: Black Paper by Dani B at SBB.
Striped Paper by Helen O'Daniel ***
For the template -- onto things that I *do* know:
-- Thanks to Atomic Cupcake for use of the "Paper Tear" action. I have included a "tear" in the template, which is linked to its appropriate "black" layer. Once you've selected your paper, just merge these two papers together and add the drop shadows accordingly.
-- It's 300dpi, 8x8, created in PSCS2. But you knew that already. :)

And the download link is HERE.


Maria said...

Thank you! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Shell said...

thanks so much i love your templates please continue to make them. theyre so creative.

PSharp said...

Great template. Thank you.

Nancy P said...

Great template - I like the room for lots of pictures and the wave is really cool!

Myxi said...

I really like this one. Thanks so much.

LVMommy22 said...

i love the text path! i use pse and can't make them, so i'm always thrilled on the rare occassion i find them included in templates! thanks a ton!!!
:) M

Anonymous said...

Another great template