Thursday, November 25, 2010

Word Art - Psalm 34:5

Last one for today! :) I hope you've enjoyed my little spurt of scrapping energy. I believe I've got 3 months of 12 down -- so 9 more to go. Where applicable, I'll continue to share the word art with you.
For now, enjoy a grin from my boy, who was 3 when this photo was taken.

To download the PNG file, PLEASE CLICK HERE or on the word art itself.


Word Art - Matthew 13:16

I wish I could say I was on a roll today... and to a degree I am. However, one more layout, and I'm out of layouts to which I'm adding verses. That simply means I must put together more layouts if I'm going to finish a year's worth of photos in time for Christmas gifts!

I hope you enjoy this one and have some beautiful eyes in layouts so that you can find great uses for it! You can download by clicking the word art, or CLICKING HERE TO GO TO 4SHARED.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Word Art - Psalm 91:11 - Angels

I'm on a roll! Two freebies in one day! :) Watch out world. I used this word art for 2 pictures of the kids doing basically the same thing. The beauty of it is in the book they will be no where near each other (20 pages apart!), so hopefully no one will realize immediately that they're complete duplicates.

I thought Psalm 91:11 was the perfect verse for snow angels; I hope you do too!
You can DOWNLOAD FROM 4SHARED HERE. You can also click on the word art to get the link.

Word Art - Proverbs 12:10 - Animals

Every year I give 4x6 photos to my family -- one for each month of each child. I've been compiling them in a 2-up photo album that allows us to look at each child's 1st month, 2nd month.... 40th month side by side to see the similarities in each one at each stage. It's really quite a fun book to see the comparison!

One of the things that I add to each page is a Bible Verse that I try to apply to the theme of the page or the look on their face. As I work through them, I'm likely to end up with some word art, which I plan to share with you.

Here's the first page I'm working on, and the corresponding Word Art.

To download the PNG Word Art file, please DOWNLOAD HERE from 4shared.

As with all of my freebies, they are for personal use only. Please don't add them to a quick page or something similar and distribute them as part of your work. If there's ever a question, please just ask (make sure to include your email in the comment, as I'm unable to respond without one).