Saturday, August 1, 2009

Layered Template 46

I had such sweet comments with my last post. THANK YOU! I'm absolutely shocked that anyone stuck around because I was MIA so long. I literally longed for road trips, because I'd bring my laptop and scrap as my husband drove. That was the only time I had for scrapping. I love those car plug-in adapters!

I wish I could say I'm officially back. However, the pace of life hasn't slowed, so I'm not. However, I also have come to realize just how essential my scrap outlet is to my stress relief. So I'm going to make an attempt to get in a little bit of scrapping each week. When the layout is conducive to a template, then I'll have an update to share.

Even if it's 1:30 in the morning. Ugh! I'm going to pay for this one! :)

"Rexy" is the product of my late night desire to scrap a bit. Guess it was a stressful week. :) OK, it wasn't so bad, but sometimes scrapping late on a Friday night just feels good. Since everyone's asleep, I don't feel guilty... but in the morning, I better get my tail out of bed, so the guilties don't catch up with me!

I'm on a kick lately of using the photos as the background (as I mentioned with my last post). So I'm looking for new or different ways to do that. And my other priority is always journaling, so I've got to make room for that. Sometimes that's VERY challenging to do when the background is a photo.

I hope that you find this template to be very versatile. While I did put the title on the left, you could easily move it. And even though I journaled in the lower right box, it certainly could be a photo instead. I can also picture a really cool screened background photo in the top right. Maybe the journaling could go there, too. Like I said, I hope you're able to tweak this template so that it suits your style and photos!

You can download the template HERE.