Thursday, July 30, 2009

Layered Template 45a and 45b


It has been AN ETERNITY!

Life has been a whirlwind for the past year and a half. It hasn't changed -- it's still a whirlwind. However, I recently carved out some time to scrap. And when I carve out time to scrap, I usually end up with a couple templates out of the deal.

So I have a couple templates for you!

Now I'm going to warn you about two things in advance...
1) They're all going to be 8x8 (300dpi) because that's how I scrap. And when my templates come as a result of the pages I'm creating, then that's the output.
2) I'm in the "hurry up and scrap" mode, because I dread getting one year behind! I was a month away from doing that, so I had to boogie! Now I'm caught up through November 1 -- so I've got just a tiny bit of breathing room. Not much though! Where I'm going with this -- the templates are a little bit "simple" -- which will provide you with a solid base to which you can add all sorts of fun elements and really twist it to make it your own!

These particular LOs are my favorite kind...

I love to use a big main photo as the background image, then position smaller photos around it to accent it. It's my favorite way to catch up! :) It's also my favorite way to not skimp on sharing pictures or focus on paper and elements more than the photo.

So the resulting template allows you to do the same. I'm even including the overlay I used (a photo of concrete with layer styles added to it) -- feel free to use it yourself to "tone down" the outer edges of your main photo. The overlay is a layer within each template and not a file of it's own.

So... you know the drill. Here's the pages. They're available in ONE zip file (about 35MB total) at 4Shared.

You can download Templates 45a-b HERE.