Saturday, June 23, 2007

Word Art: Psalm 100:5

I was working on some 4 Generation photos and searching for the perfect quote. I have used this quote in the past, but can't seem to find a generations quote more fitting for my family. So I used it again. This time, however, I created word art for it. I figured I'd share it with you.

Psalm 100:5 Word Art can be downloaded HERE. (link removed)

It is about 6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall at 300dpi. I created the PNG files in both white and black for your use.

Above is the LO I created the word art for. Credits are as follows:
Paper: "Choices" by Shaky (originally pink - recolor and overlay onto black)
Swirl: "Creating Beauty" Weeds & Wildflowers (swirl originally on newsprint - cut from their paper and restructured to fit LO)
Clip: "Junino" by Scrapkut
Leaf Overlay: "Rainforest" by Kristy Wiseman
Word Art: Simply Sarah (that's me!)

Most of these elements are a result of IkeaGoddess's freebie hunting blog. So thanks to her for pointing me to them!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Old Army: 2 Papers and a Frame

I was looking through my Grandma and Grandpa's old scrapbooks. Included was a scrapbook full of photos, postcards, and memorabilia from my Grandfather's time in the Army. He was in WWII and fought in some of the major battles, including Normandy Beach.

I was really excited to find all these old items -- my Grandma did an amazing job of documenting them. As you'd expect, however, they aren't preserved on acid-free anything. While in very wonderful condition right now, I fear they will succumb to the elements if not fixed. I do hope to make a scrapbook (or two or three) of the most cherished memories so that they will continue to live on.

Anyway, one of the things that really struck me was how many of the photos seemed to be on these "scalloped" edges. I believe they were developed to some sort of a book, from which you could tear on the perforations to share the photos. My Grandparents are no longer around to confirm that theory, so maybe someone else could! There was a photo "album" from my Great Grandparent's 50th anniversary celebration (1930's?), and this seemed to be indicative of that style. So these "scalloped" edges inspired me to make these snapshot frames. The photo is my Grandfather's Army picture -- the picture from which I took the scallops. I couldn't show you the photo without a background, so this Camo background came into being. Then I thought I'd do a lighter one as well -- more of a khaki/olive color with darker edges.

Included in this download then are the following:
1 6x8" scalloped photo frame/edge - 300dpi (png file) - no shadow
1 12x12" green camo-esque paper w/ canvas texture - 300dpi
1 12x12" khaki camo-esque paper w/ canvas texture and darkened edges - 300dpi

You can download HERE (12MB).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Element: Word Rocks

I was working on a layout and trying to figure out the perfect element to use on it. I thought perhaps a word rock would look nice, but I didn't have any in my files. So I set out to make one. Unfortunately, it didn't work on my layout, but now I've got word rocks to share with you!

Here's how they work:
I created 3 different rock shapes and 12 different words. You choose the rock you'd like, then you pick a word to put on the rock. Use your lasso tool (or marquise shape) to grab the word, then slide it onto the rock. All words work on each rock.

I didn't add drop shadows to the rock, so you can do that as you see fit. The angle I used for the shading on the rock itself is 120* (sun from top left). You can always use your dodge and burn tools if you need to tweek the shading a bit.

Each rock is approximately 2.75" wide, created at 300dpi.

Download HERE.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

12 Photo Quick Page - Photo Cluster

Here's another Quick Page I created for use with multiple photos. You can see the quick page on the left side, my layout is on the right.

Credits for my layout:
Background Paper by Marcee Dugar
Note Paper from the DigiScrapDivas "Under the Sea" mega kit

The Quick Page was created as an 8x8 file at 300dpi.


Quick Page - 36 Photos

Ever have a bunch of somewhat junky photos that you couldn't bear to part with? Here's a template that allows you to put 36 photos on one page. I used it for low quality photos my babysitter sent of the kids while they were playing.

In my LO, the paint swash is by Traci Sims.

I created this LO for 8x8 at 300dpi. Sorry if you're a 12x12 scrapper -- I'm not! :)


Filmstrip - 6 Pictures

You see filmstrips all over the place. I had to make one for one of my LOs. It is 8" long at 300dpi.


***Update - link is working again***

Friends Word Art

Another that I created over a year ago -- I think I've got a bunch of old stuff to hunt down on my computer! Stay tuned!


Brothers & Sisters Word Art

I created this a while back, but thought perhaps others may like to use it as well. The quotes are as follows:

  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Brothers & Sisters through the years
  • There are no others like Sisters & Brothers
  • Sisters & Brothers there are no others
  • Giggles, secrets, sometimes tears, Brothers & Sisters through the years

  • Stamped Frame

    Well, this is the element that started it all. I was creating a stamp frame for a page for my daughter and thought some other may want to use it as well. Special thanks to ATOMIC CUPCAKE for her inked edge action.

    The photo of Mt. Rushmore is not included. The stamp frame can be added over any photo to create a cute little stamp. It's about 2" for the opening and was created in Photoshop CS2 at 300dpi.