Friday, June 22, 2007

Old Army: 2 Papers and a Frame

I was looking through my Grandma and Grandpa's old scrapbooks. Included was a scrapbook full of photos, postcards, and memorabilia from my Grandfather's time in the Army. He was in WWII and fought in some of the major battles, including Normandy Beach.

I was really excited to find all these old items -- my Grandma did an amazing job of documenting them. As you'd expect, however, they aren't preserved on acid-free anything. While in very wonderful condition right now, I fear they will succumb to the elements if not fixed. I do hope to make a scrapbook (or two or three) of the most cherished memories so that they will continue to live on.

Anyway, one of the things that really struck me was how many of the photos seemed to be on these "scalloped" edges. I believe they were developed to some sort of a book, from which you could tear on the perforations to share the photos. My Grandparents are no longer around to confirm that theory, so maybe someone else could! There was a photo "album" from my Great Grandparent's 50th anniversary celebration (1930's?), and this seemed to be indicative of that style. So these "scalloped" edges inspired me to make these snapshot frames. The photo is my Grandfather's Army picture -- the picture from which I took the scallops. I couldn't show you the photo without a background, so this Camo background came into being. Then I thought I'd do a lighter one as well -- more of a khaki/olive color with darker edges.

Included in this download then are the following:
1 6x8" scalloped photo frame/edge - 300dpi (png file) - no shadow
1 12x12" green camo-esque paper w/ canvas texture - 300dpi
1 12x12" khaki camo-esque paper w/ canvas texture and darkened edges - 300dpi

You can download HERE (12MB).


Vicki (Chickivaney) said...


Thanks so much for the goodies. And you are right about these photos. I've got some that were my grandparents that were scalloped and in little booklets. Like you said, there are perforations where they could be removed. My mother even has some like this with pictures of one of my older brothers when he was around 8. He was 8 years older than me, so these would have been around 1956. There may even be some of me like that. It's been a long time since I've looked at all of them. I need to dig them out and start scrapping!

Anonymous said...

Thank youSarah! -jsj

cathy said...

I don't have any old photos with the perforated edges as you describe but have others that are in folders. I love the vintage look of old photos. Thanks for sharing.

Myxi said...

I have oodles of those old photos with the perforated edges as well as the little booklets with the pictures in them. I even have pictures in folders from various clubs that my parents went to back in the 40's. Thanks for sharing, and for the!

Hummie said...

Anxious to see what this looks like after the download!