Saturday, February 9, 2008

Checking in with a photo

Sorry, no freebies today, as I haven't had time to actually scrap. We've been SO busy! But here's an update.

My husband joined us in our new house a week ago Friday -- drove through some crazy snow storms to get here, but he made it safely (if not stressed!). We were all SO happy to have him here.

Our furniture was delivered on Tuesday of this week... in the middle of a rain/hail storm. It was the day of all the tornadoes in TN, AR, MO -- we were far enough removed from it that all we got was heavy rain and a small burst of hail. No damage, no injuries for us. We haven't unpacked it all (or even close), but so far, so good.

This is a picture of my husband and kids taken this afternoon. We had some decent, sunny weather, so we went down to the dock. My daughter is using the stick "to catch a whopper." With no line and no bait, she didn't... :)

I really do hope to get back to scrapping again soon... but things have to calm down a LOT before I'll have a chance. I did design a friend's wedding invitations last week for her, and also did a "spoof" slide (Power Point) for a co-worker for next weeks' team meeting presentation. But I havn't had time for any "me" stuff at all. One of these days.... :)
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