Friday, January 25, 2008

All Out of Order

To simplify things for myself, I created the last 10 templates back in November (?), uploaded them all to 4shared, then posted them as drafts to blogger. I did all of this on December 11. I thought that the date reflected on the website would CHANGE to the date that I launched them live.

It didn't. Oops!

So as an FYI.... I JUST uploaded Template #42 (9:52am CST on Friday, January 25), and I upladed Template #41 on Wednesday night, January 23.

So go grab them! :)

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Checking In...

Hi everyone -

I've had several "how are you" and "just checking to see if you're ok" messages lately... so I should probably drop a quick note to say both "Thanks" and "I'm ok!" :)

The kids and I have been "roughing it" in an empty house for 2.5 weeks now. The closing of our house went very smoothly and we really LOVE our new home. It hasn't been updated since it was built in 1982, so I've been in deconstruction mode: tearing down wallpaper, putting up paint, etc.

Our old home is still on the market for the rest of January, at which point my company is offering a buy out. My husband is wrapping up his job there and will join us down here at the end of next week. He was here over the long weekend, which split the 4 week stint in half. It was wonderful to have him down here -- even though we're still all on airmattresses with no other furniture!

It has been interesting trying to cook meals for 3 with no bowls, pans, pots, knives, etc. I have an electric skillet, a microwave, and a can opener.... and that's about it! We lived with a dorm-refrigerator and no washer/drying for 1.5 weeks, until our newly purchased appliances arrived. The other stuff I'm really unwilling to buy, simply because what we have is perfectly fine -- it's just not here yet! Furniture and all other household goods are delivered February 4-5.

The kids are doing well and are adjusting as expected to their new daycare. My daughter was in "corporate" daycare for 2.5 months when she was really small, but other than that, neither have been in the corporate setting. We were so blessed to have an in-home care giver who watched only our kids and her own daughter. But not having that down here, we opted instead to put them in the corporate setting. Their teachers are wonderful -- but mass kids are still mass kids, and after a week there, we ALL got sick and are fighting terrible colds. Even I feel like my head may explode from the sinus pressure. It's pretty miserable. That meant that they both missed time from day care, which is my biggest gripe about the corporate setting -- you pay for a full week, even if you're only there a day. And without a support system in place yet, sick days get VERY stressful. I had a couple of "breaking point" days last week. But we got through them all, and this week is better.

The job itself is going well. I really enjoy my new team, office, responsibilities, etc. I still love my company. :)

All in all, life is good. Hectic, but good. I don't have my "design" computer down here -- I left it at our old home, so that my husband had some mode of communication and relaxation in the evenings. It's also so that I would actually get some work done down here! So far, all 3 main bedrooms have been painted, as well as the accent wall of the living room. There are a lot more to do -- but I'm really limited to about 2-3 hours each night (which I don't always take, because cleaning up paint is such a pain), and late nights on the weekends while the kids are asleep.

Anyway, thanks for checking in on me. Now that I'm logged into blogger, I realize I've got a few more templates that are just "hung" waiting for me to release. So check below -- because I uploaded them back in December, and for some reason, they still release with that date order. If I remember, I'll get the rest of them launched this week!

Hugs all around...