Monday, October 25, 2010

2011 Calendar

Wel... Another year is upon me. And another year where I'm going through the internal debate about whether or not I'll do a calendar. I'm over a year behind on my scrapbooking, so the idea of a calendar seemed kind of daunting.

1) They're my standard Christmas presents. Without them, what would I do?
2) Someone asked. :)

So I got to work. I wanted to do them different than year's past. The result, and I'll apologize in advance, is ridiculously large file sizes that require you to download 4 separate files to get them all -- and each file is between 100-150MB. SO SORRY!

However, I do hope that they've provided you some flexibility as well. Here's a preview of what you'll be getting. I really love the style of a large background photo with a textured / washed out overlay -- it's kind of my "go to" scrapbooking style, if you will. So that's what I've tried to create for you.

Let me give you an idea of some of the features of these calendar pages (which may explain the reason the files are so big!)

- You can customize your colors. The background colors are their own layer, so you can choose the layer that best speaks to you the color of the month, or the color that best coordinates with your chosen photos.

- The texture layer is already set to "overlay" -- so you just have to drag your favorite photo into the layer between the background and the texture layers (marked in each file), and the effect will be applied for you.

- In years past, I've had requests for things other than Bible Verses. I personally want Bible Verses, and since I'm creating this for my own gifts, that's what I've included. However, I've made them their own layer, so should you prefer to remove them, that's easy for you to do.

- The "Frame" layers are movable and interchangeable. I've included a separate download just for the frame clusters if you'd like them. However, they're on each of the pages as well -- both ways work.

This approach almost is more of a quick page than a template -- not typically the direction I go. But I do hope that you enjoy it. Included in the downloads are some instructions for how to manipulate your large photos to make it work well with the texture overlay.

I've had people request in the past if they can use my calendars for gifts or church / school fundraisers. The answer is yes. However, I do request that you don't sell them as your own, and that you don't sell them to make a profit for yourself. That permission is granted for the printed calendar only -- not individual bits and pieces of the kits.

I hope that you enjoy it, and those who you're giving the calendars do too! I'd love to say I'll be back with some templates...but I can't promise anything. I do have a few scrapbook pages that I could probably convert to templates.... but honestly, I'm hunting for templates and quick pages right now, too, simply to catch myself up! My goal is to complete 2009 in time for Christmas gifts.... but I'm still on June. Who else needs life to slow down just a touch!?

Alright, so here are the download files. Again, my apologies for the large file sizes.

If you'd like the elements only, those can be found HERE. They are only 3MB. Go figure! :)