Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quick Page - 36 Photos

Ever have a bunch of somewhat junky photos that you couldn't bear to part with? Here's a template that allows you to put 36 photos on one page. I used it for low quality photos my babysitter sent of the kids while they were playing.

In my LO, the paint swash is by Traci Sims.

I created this LO for 8x8 at 300dpi. Sorry if you're a 12x12 scrapper -- I'm not! :)



Lisa said...

Thanks Sarah!

Paula Patrick said...

Thanks Sarah - also I am a 12 x 12 scrapper, I think if you scrap in
8x8, design in 8x8, don't worry about anyone else. Your template is great, even if I can't use it I can compliment it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

cathy said...

Great template, Sarah. Thanks!

BelindasScrapz said...

Id much rather scrap in 8 by 8 on this old thing..the other is to huge a file! I have not tried it ive been using 4by6 or not at all. THank you so much for sharing this going to try the 8 by 8 becuase i have a free shutterfly book credit..