Friday, August 3, 2007

Tips & Tricks: Convert to 12x12

I know there are a lot of 12x12 scrappers out there. I want to take a quick minute to walk you through how to convert these to 12x12, in case any of you were wondering...

Just one note - these are in Photoshop CS2. I think it converts to PSE as well, but don't have the program on my computer to confirm that. So if anyone can either validate my claim or add any steps I've missed, I'd appreciate it.

1) Open Template
2) Under IMAGE in the menu bar, select IMAGE SIZE
3) In the Image Size box, change the width and height to 3600 pixels (it should say 2400 originally) -- this should be 12x12 at 300dpi
4) Add your photos

It's best to resize the template BEFORE you add all the photos. The squares of solid color convert easily without losing quality, while photos may not convert quite as nicely.

Hope this helps!


shawnyrvr said...

Oh WOW!!! What a blessing from you Sarah!!! I am so pleased with your templates and kindness. I just came over to your site from Hummies and got the 8x8 since... I'm a square scrapper, but I wanted to say what a WONDERFUL, Tremendous gift all these fabulous templates are to me!!!

Blessings, Shawna

PS I also wanted to say because of your Chris Tomlin video playing my Dh and I will now be seeing this movie... We hadn't even heard about it (not even at church - go figure!!!) But we love Chris' music and so I did some research cause I thought it looked like a movie trailer video and it was... WOW!!! what an awesome story to be told can't wait to see it.

I also subbed to your blog with BlogLines... to keep updated of you goings on. I'm a bad one though and usually only check in once a week or so... unless it's a DD I am dying to have... lol

Blessings to you for your sweet giving spirit!

Wanda said...

Just sending out a Howdy. I haven't had a chance to visit your blog till now. It's great. Your templates are great. I'm putting you on my blog, too.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Thanks for the reminder :) I will convert these as soon as I download because I am a dork and will forget!!

Shell said...

Thanks so much for the great templates & tips