Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tips & Tricks: Justified Text

I received a comment from Sarah G regarding justified text. As PSE users know, it's not possible to justify text in the program. This was also true in Photoshop 5.0, which was my original version of Photoshop.

For those of you who like to have the nice, even, square journaling, I'm sure this has proven to be a major frustration. I know it was for me in Photoshop 5.0. It was SUCH a pain to type each line on its own layer or individually kern each line. There are always way around the problems, but sometimes they prove to be such a headache.

Anyway, Sarah told me that the force justification on the templates DOES come across in PSE. To quote my 2-year-old: "Hooray!"

So my tips:
1) If you want to use force-justified journaling on a layout which doesn't use the templates, SELECT THE JOURNALING LAYER from my template and DRAG IT INTO YOUR NEW LAYOUT. While I don't have PSE to test this on, it *should* work. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
2) To change the size, shape of the force-justified journaling: PUT YOUR CURSOR IN THE TEXT and SLIDE THE ANCHOR POINTS. You can pull it up, down, diagonally -- just as you would in resizing an element.


Sarah G. said...

It works! I just tried it on a few old pages this morning.

Thanks again!

Mazak said...

Thank You for that :)
it is simple and it does work :)

Anonymous said...
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