Sunday, October 14, 2007

September Color Scheme - Train Up A Child

I totally forgot to upload September's colors! OOPS! :) The good news: I'm traveling this week, so those of you designing with me will have time to catch up! Sorry I haven't been posting these til the last minute! I love these bright, primary colors... I hope you'll enjoy them, too.
And a question: What is it about Sunday's?
I think the Devil just needs to leave his barbs in the day. Sunday's are just SO chaotic for the kids, especially my 15 month old son. He takes two 2-hour naps each day: 9:30-11:30 (or so) and 2-4 (or so). Well, guess what time church is? Yep, smack dab in the middle of his morning nap: 10am.
So we get to church, put him in the nursery, where he plays instead of sleeps. No big deal -- he won't sleep in public or being held (neither of our kids will) -- and we know that. However, he often falls asleep on the way HOME from church. Then he won't transfer from car to crib without sleeping -- or if he does, it's a short nap, because he wakes up starving.
Then his nap schedule is all off, because of the oddly timed morning nap, so his afternoon nap also ends up abbreviated.
Of course, that makes him ultra cranky, which means he hits his sister if she even walks close to him. I know... we need to work on his temper/aggression. But that being true, it all stems from getting out of synch on his morning naps. By Sunday nights, we're just frazzled and SO thankful that our kids are good sleepers and go down easily at 7pm -- because we need the rest of the night to relax!
And at the end of the day -- we're so very grateful for our two amazing blessings -- chaos and all. :)


Ruth said...

Once again Sarah - you've outdone yourself! Did you notice that the Digi Free list mentioned you by name the other day? - check Thursday or Friday's list. She likes you - and so do a lot of other people.

Thanks again!

Laura in CT said...

Oh, Sarah--how well I remember those Sundays with little ones! Take heart--it won't always be like this. :-)

mama's madness said...

Thank you again for your beautiful work!!! I make a calendar every year and this year will by far be the best ever...thanks to your kindness and your talent. I, too remember those crazy Sundays and problem littlest guy just turned 2 and already those problem naps are over and we are down to one afternoon nap. It will be over before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a much better week!!! THank you so much for another fabulous template and great Sept colors!!! BettyJoR

Tink said...

Poor little pumpkin. The bug is having problems with her now 4 year old's temper and I guess I will have to deal with it in Indy too. Sometimes, after watching children who have a temper/agression problem, I wonder if it stems from their being extremely bright but unable to comprehend why they can't do a certain thing and they get frustrated.