Saturday, October 6, 2007

July Color Scheme - In God We Trust

Alright, I had to go somewhat "Red, White, and Blue," but I didn't want to be completely predictable, either. Yet... I probably still am! Oh well. I like the colors, so I don't care! I haven't made the kit yet, but I'm guessing you'll see stars there as well... predictable! But it's JULY -- that's what you're supposed to see! :)
I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend. It's 90 degrees here, which it totally NOT typical October weather. Would you believe that my husband proposed to me 10 years ago on October 13 -- in the middle of a blizzard! Granted, that was in South Dakota, and I'm miles from there now. But I'm still more surprised by 90 degree October weather than I would be surprised by an October blizzard. Since I prefer hot weather to cool though -- you won't hear me complaining! :)


Brooke - in Oregon said...

WOW 90 degrees, that is a bit different for you guys right now. That would even be hot for Oregon in October and we (usually)get a week of really nice weather in October.

Hope you are having the fabulous weekend you were hoping for!

Tink said...

I love the addition of the cream and yellow as opposed to the vivid white. These colors will work well for military layouts as well as Fourth of July layouts. 90 degrees? Wow and I thought it was hot here. It still gets near 90; but right now it is 77 degrees and overcast.

shawnyrvr said...

It is unseasonably warm where we are too. Just the other day the newscasters were saying the weather for this week would make one think it was mid august rather than almost mid Oct.

I have yet something else similar, or almost in common with you now. Well, it was 9 years ago on Oct 4th that DH and I went on our first "date" and it was that very first day I knew he would be my husband... but it took almost 18+ months for enough healing in my heart to be courageous enough to say yes. You can see a special layout I did here about it if you're interested. Left Side (photos):
Right Side (journaling):

Congratulations on your 10 years!!!