Thursday, October 11, 2007

August Color Scheme - Lazy Summer Afternoon

Oh my -- this one is killing me! LOL! I've got the papers complete -- those were fun and fell into place rather easily. The elements though.... oy.... not coming at all! I just spent about 4 hours and have NOTHING to show for my work! I keep saying, "ICK!"

Don't worry... I'll get there... or it will be a paper kit and I'll rely on my friends to fill in the element blanks! LOL!


AnnScraps Mum said...

I just wanted to send you a very BIG THANK YOU for your calendar templates. My father is 93 & can't remember everybody's birthday. I will be adding these to your wonderful templates. Bless you again Sarah

life through my lens... said...

Thank you for the wonderful calendar templates and kits. I am making a planner for all of the adults in my family for Christmas. I have scrapbooked for many years but I have just discovered the digital realm! I am so excited...and I have much to learn. I will help search for a company to bind the portrait format. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Tink said...

Love the colors and I'm with you on August elements. I couldn't think of anything I would use (except birthday stuff, but only because that's when my birthday falls, LOL). I think National Pig day is in August though. :)

DigiScrapDepot said...

Hi Sarah, alot of visitors to my site on DigiScrapDepot will love your layouts. Please advertise them for free, in trade you get tons of free exposure for your work.

I hope to see you soon!