Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Color Scheme - Bountiful Harvest

Well, I'm going at this kit from a different angle.

It's a Halloween kit, but not a traditional Halloween kit. I personally enjoy Halloween for the "fun" it provides, and choose to look at it that way. However, I also realize that there are many people who choose not to celebrate Halloween, or they have church "Fall Festivals" on Halloween night, or various other Christian celebrations instead of the typical Halloween. So it's with that spirit that I came up with the theme for this kit.

The title is "Bountiful Harvest," which in this case, I was thinking more in lines of "harvest" of candy. And the Bible Verse I've chosen is Psalm 119:103, "How sweet are Your words to my taste." I went to and looked up the word "sweet" -- again, referring to candy, but searching for a Biblical reference to what is truly sweet.

Anyway, I had fun with ideas for this kit. Getting them to paper/computer is a bit of a struggle, but a little challenge is good for a person, right!? :) So I'm pluggin' away, and hopefully I'll have a finished product for you tomorrow. I'm kind of stuck on elements again! LOL!
(Oops -- I wrote this Sunday, but it got stuck in cyber space -- so I'll sit on the kit another day!)


Tink said...

Love the colors and your take on it. Also think the verse you chose is so appropriate. :)

verabear said...

the verse didn't make much sense in the beginning but yeah, it was a great choice for the month :)

you being challenged in creating the october kit just means that each of your kits are special because you worked hard on them. thanks again for all that you do :)