Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wedding Album: Answering Questions

A couple questions came to me last night via the comments....

1) The font I've used in the frames is called Porcelain, and it's a free download at (LOVE that site!)

2) I will be continuing to make my own wedding album pages and sharing them with you as templates -- so you can see how I'm using them! I think my comment about not having all the pages in my own album may have led you to believe I'm not going to continue.... but I am!

Let's see... my next pages will probably be: Our parents together, my family, my husband's family, and then I'll move on to the wedding party.

I think I'm "full" for the week though, so I may not get to them until this weekend.

Be on the look out for some word art! That's easier to do a quick freebie on than a whole page!


Shannon said...

Thanks for all that you do! We really do appreciate you! :)

tcmoniz said...

I really like how you are designing this album... I am thinking of using your templates to create one for some friends who are getting married next month. Your designs are lovely - and thank you for sharing them!!