Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures, Paper Detail, and an Update

I hope you were all able to enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We feel blessed to be "only" 10 hours from family (we've typically been 17+. So we took a trip "down south" to visit my husband's family for the long weekend. You can see how much my kids and their cousins LOVED the time with each other. These guys are going to be thick as thieves if given the opportunity. And you can also see how much Grandma loves her Grandkids, too. The kidsare oldest age 5, middle age 4 (as of a couple days ago). Then mine are 3 (4 in September), and 1 (2 in June). There's another Granddaughter missing -- she's 1. So in a month, the Grandkids will be 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1! What fun! If you don't recognize them, my little kidlets are the curly blonde and the littlest boy. My daughter and the older boy are 3 months apart.

I wanted to answer a question that I had from a couple of you regarding my background paper from the wedding album. It's actually a freebie paper from Michelle Coleman's "Frosted" kit, found here. It's not that color in the kit -- I added a black background and changed the blending layer from Michelle's kit to get that effect.

How many of you have laptops? I absolutely love mine -- it allowed me to get DONE with my wedding album (I think). I do want to go back in and add some word art to some of the more "plain" pages. But the skeleton of the book is complete. YAY! Now I have to get them converted to templates, previews, and then upload them. Be patient -- I've got a busy week! :) But they ARE coming.

A question for you: I'm debating having photos from each of the 10 years of our marriage to "close" the book. What do you think? I don't know if this should be a strictly wedding album (which it is now), or a "this was then" and "this is now" type look at our marriage. I guess first I should see if I can find 10 years worth of pictures that are good enough for scrapping! :)
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Krisi said...

I say make it a wedding only book. You could make another book that you only add two pages to each year that highlights what happened during those years - what a great book you would have in 50 years! I am in the same predicament - I haven't done my wedding album yet either and we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I disagree!! Add the pages or it becomes another book not done. 10 years is someting to celebrate in a world where 10 mo isn't unreasonable time to divorce. And I WIN!!! I have done the album and we're about to hit 12 yrs married !!!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of leaving the wedding book just a wedding book, celebrating that special day. Then have a separate album for through the years. Love all the templates. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Focus on completing the wedding album. Once its done, THEN add the anniversary/etc pages. Finish one project; then add on. I agree with Krisi!

Tom in Georgia said...

I think either choice would be good, but are you making it to show or just for keepsakes. If you are making it to show, you may have too many pages for guests to enjoy, if you add them to the same album. Are you making your own cover or front of just a store bought front?

tcmoniz said...

I love the idea of the yearly pages - but I would probably start a new book with those.

If you do a 2-page layout for each year, you've got a 20 page album to build already! :) And then you just keep it going.

I have been doing 2-page ayouts for each month - I started with April 2008 and have worked my way backward - I just finished April 2007. :) I have them in a separate book, and I hope to go all the way back to when Mike and I first became a couple... it will be awhile! LOL I am using templates, which make it go so much faster - I can knock out a month in a night!

You can see some of my pages here... (if you're interested) :)


Jody said...

I think making the yearly photos a separate book would be the best. I certainly do love the idea of the yearly pages and would love to have templates to work with.

For me is would be an awesome task that would be wonderful. We are celebrating our 50th this year! At my age and the sped at which I work I most certainly would need a ton of two page layouts. I was late getting into scrapping so would need all the help I can get. Yikes - that would mean 50 two page layouts!!!!!

I may need to rethink this - maybe a two page layout for every 5 years would work!

pbrooks said...

Your children are precious! I love the front and back views.

I like the idea of then and now photos.

I think if you had created the album right after your wedding, it would not work as well.

Tink said...

If you can find the photos you like, I would go for a now and then.

Boy are the kids growing up. But still cute as ever.