Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm still here!

Don't worry about me, but thanks for asking about me! :)

I'm just checking in to say hi -- nothing new created though. I'm trying to get Christmas presents done, so designing is on the backburner. Why I feel the need to do homemade gifts at a crazy hectic time like this is beyond me! LOL!

House was listed on the market on Thursday, so we're on the move here. Unfortunately with a slow market, no one has looked at it yet. We do have a "realtor tour" on Tuesday and an open house next weekend.

We're heading to our new city on Thursday through Sunday to look at houses and put in a bid. Every house we've had, we buy in a weekend, and we have every intention of doing that again this time. The speed with which we're moving is a bit stressful, but it's much easier to just push through quickly so we can return to normal just as quickly. (That's, of course, assuming we were normal in the first place!)

The kids are both doing well. They had colds, but they have made it through to the other side for the most part. Amara definitely understands that something is going on, but can't quite wrap her head around what. She's sure that something must be wrong with this house if we're going to buy another one -- so she's decided that this house isn't "long enough!" The minds of children... :) Dominic's just his crazy lovable self.

Amara's big thing is she's really struggling with Mommy being gone. Thankfully, it hasn't been a lot, but enough to throw her sleep schedule off. While I'm gone, she'll wake in the middle of the night. When Jon gets her, it takes her 3 hours to get back to sleep. If she wakes when I'm home, she goes back to sleep in minutes. Routine has been broken. She'll wake up and yell, "Mommy.... I mean, Daddy!" because she realizes I'm gone. She's a resilient kid though, and I know things will be fine on the other end.... but doesn't make going through it any easier.

A friend suggested giving her a picture of me to keep with her at all times -- to show her that "Mommy's always with you." So I'm going to do that this time while we're gone. Hopefully it will work!

And besides that, nothing is new! :) Just keepin' on keepin' on! And really looking forward to Christmas! :)


Carin said...

Hi Sarah,
I hope you'll post your makings for Christmas--I love seeing what other people are doing as gifts! Good luck with your house-hunt!

sweetheaven said...

Hi Sarah
Glad to hear everything is going well. I hope your house sells quick.
Good luck on finding a new one.
If you don't come back before Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Tom From Georgia said...

We just discovered your site, and we are downloading some of your freebies. They look so wonderful, and you are a child of the Lord!
May God Bless you as you move, and hope everything works out for the best for all your family.

On carrying Photoshop with you: There is a company that makes a program that goes on a flas drive that lets you run programs from there, and you could have a small external hard drive for the programs, and nothing is saved on your company laptop. Wish I knew the name of the Company that makes the program for the flash drives.

Hope your are moving to a warmer climate, but do not know where you live now.

Tink said...

Oh good, I was just about to send out the dogs. Though I can understand the stress of moving during a holiday. Been there done that, way to many times to count. Got my fingers crossed and prayers in that your house will sell quickly and that you will find just that perfect one just as rapidly. Thanks for keeping us abreast. :)