Monday, November 19, 2007

Versions of Photoshop

I just got home from a day of training and why I was possessed to check my email, I have no idea! I should be hightailing it to catch some precious ZZzzzz's.

However, dear sweet Grambie's email caught my attention. I'm always touched by Grambie's words -- she's such a source of inspiration, strength, encouragement, and prayer. Her emails never fail to light up my day.

Tonight was no exception. This is an excerpt of what she wrote in her comment from Layered Template #33: "To ALL OF US WHO HAVE BENEFITED FROM YOUR DESIGNS, I propose a donation of love from each one of us to help Sarah defray the cost of an newer version, even if it is from Ebay. Many have said that they bought version 7 real cheap, and then later upgraded. She can do the same. But at one time, they would accept the lower grades below 7."

Thank you SO much for thinking of me in such a sweet and generous way -- but I really must clarify! In my Layered Template #33 post, I referenced Photoshop 5.0, which I WAS using to create that template (and a few other templates while I travelled). However, I DO have Photoshop CS2 loaded on my computer. I just use Photoshop 5.0 when I can't travel with my personal computer (because I share it with my husband and don't take both my personal and work computer with me on business trips). Photoshop 5.0 I just have as "barebones" to use on disc with my work computer, because I can't load programs onto it. So while I truly do appreciate your thoughtfulness and generousity, I've got a great version of Photoshop already. If you were next to me, I'd give you a big huge hug! :) I'm so sorry for the confusion! :)

(And yes -- scrapping with just Photoshop 5.0 during my first 6 months of digital scrapping was agonizing! No PNG file usage is nearly debilitating! But it made me a better designer, because while I couldn't use others PNG files or export mine, I could still make elements of my own! And that's how I had to do all my designs when I first started, since I couldn't use anyone else's elements. Probably also why I have a love for paper! It's all I could use at the beginning.)

OK, now that that's cleared up... I'm going to bed! G'night all!


Tink said...

Pleasant dreams.... :)

vw bug said...

On a different note: Happy Thanksgiving!

grambie said...

Well, you just proved to all that you read everthing that is left on your blog. Oh you stinker, you found me out. Anyway, so glad that you normally used PSCS-2 now for your scrapping. Evenso, I still think a little thank you for the holidays would not be out of order because of your fabulously "made with love" last major project. You committed your heart, soul, and body to that project. The beauty when we complete that project will live as a reminder of your inner-self that you shared so lovingly with us.

Love to you and your family through the upcoming changes in your life. Yes, if I was near you I would definitely hug you back because of the joy you have brought into my life. HUGS!!!

dawnroo said...

Hi Sarah,

I have missed your blog lately because there seems to be some incompatibility with mac browsers. I am 'borrowing' my husband's PC just to let you know there is some kind of problem (won't load in firefox, explorer or safari). I don't know what to suggest, but wanted you to know.

Best wishes,

Hilmarose said...

Are you still around sweetie... miss ur blog... miss ur words... miss you!

Alan said...

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