Monday, November 12, 2007

An Exciting Update

Well... I'm away from my family this week....
I figured out how to bring Photoshop WITH me without loading it onto my work computer.

And what does that mean for you, you ask?

I don't have any ready tonight, but I will by tomorrow (I hope)! I'd like to do LOs with each one, as I've done in the past.... but I'm just not sure that I'll be able to swing that one. I didn't bring enough photos on my thumb drive (I don't think). Anyway, these are the templates I sketched out back in September. There will be 10 of them. They're all very "color blocked" and could go together to make a really great book.

OK.... and now for news on the home front -- hold on -- vent coming! :)

My daughter, as you know, had her tonsils out on Monday of last week. Monday and Tuesday were both really rough. She did sleep all night Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Wednesday, she had a reasonably good day with me. On Thursday, I sent her to her babysitter (the sitter has just my kids, so I knew it was OK -- if it was a center, she wouldn't have been ready). She had another good day. Friday, same thing. Each of these days/nights, she took codeine in the morning and evening only, and used regular strength Tylenol during the day.

This weekend: complete 180. Ugh! The doctors warned us that tonsil recovery is a bit of a roller coaster. However, I thought that when she was doing so well early on, that perhaps we wouldn't get the downsliding. You know.... I really don't think tonsil removal is any easier for kiddos. I think the difference is that they don't remember the pain. But my poor girl is miserable and she just doesn't understand why. So instead, she's whiney, crying, clinging, completely annoying -- and I know WHY she's doing it, but it still drives us nuts. It was a miserable and challenging weekend for all of us -- especially since we were trying to do major house-prep.

Add to it the fact that the anesthesia made her nose itch. When her nose itches, she rubs it in her sleep and ends up scratching her face. It has happened many times over during her life. Once she gets a scratch -- she keeps scratching. Soon she's got a nickel sized sore on her face. You got it: that's what she did. Right on the bridge of her nose. It's huge and gross and painful looking.

So this weekend -- both nights she woke at around midnight because her throat hurt and she was coughing. Then on Monday, I had to wake up at 2:45 am to catch my flight out -- she woke at 12:15. Yes, I'm beat tired! I called my husband when I landed to ask how the rest of the night went. She apparently woke at 6am -- 1-2 hours earlier than normal. She has scratched her sore again and blood was literally running into her eyes.

Then the sitter called and said that her daughter has a cold and we can bring the kids if we want to, but we don't have to. Yeah... Jon's a single dad this week and has got to wrap up his programs before we leave, too. For his own sanity, he took the kids. They probably already have been exposed to the cold anyway, since they were there last week.

So I called tonight to check in again. Amara's throat felt a bit better today (thank God for small mercies), but now she has "a boo boo on my bottom." Because her diet has been so weird due to the surgery, she's constipated! So off to the store for children's laxatives.

Can I just tell you how thankful I am for my husband and his hands on approach. He's totally my Rock, and I don't know what I'd do without him. God is too good to me for His gift of my husband. Anyway, obviously keep my daughter in your prayers, but keep my husband in your prayers as well -- he's got a long week ahead of him!


Jeanette Bollinger said...

I totally know what you are going through with the whole tonsils little man had his out about 6 months ago at the age of 2...what a nightmare!! He is prone to respiratory problems (due to Down Syndrome) so the doctors insisted on keeping him in the tertiary care unit (which is pretty much the intensive care unit) the night after his surgery. He screamed and cried ALL NIGHT!! The docs didn't want to give him anything stronger than codeine because of the respiratory risks, so it took me forever to get anyone to give him anything that would even help! Arrgh! I took him home two days later, and once we were home he wasn't too bad. A little whiny, but thankfully we didn't have any more problems!
My thoughts are definitely with your hubby this week! And with you too...I know how hard it is to be away from your little ones! Try to take some down time for yourself if you can! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Itchy noses can be a sign of an allergy. Please watch this carefully. Allergies can turn severe very quickly.

2. You can try to put socks or gloves on her hands at night and pin them to her jammies to keep her from scratching it any worse. It won't stop her from rubbing her nose but it would take the sharpness out of her nails.

Good luck. Your daughter is in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praying your little girl is better soon, It is so hard on us when they are sick!!!!!!!!! You do have a trooper for a Husband! Thank you for the link & look forward to the templates too! God Bless, Karen

~Heather~ said...

Aww I hope she is feeling better soon. You and your family are in my prayers and YAY more templates. Send them at me sista! I am so excited and you have 10 just waiting to come out.

Anonymous said...

Miralax is the best! It isn't a laxative and so it is not habit forming. You can use it everyday if needed.

grambie said...

Oh my, take it from me, tonsils recuperation is a horrible time for the sweetling. I remember it well and I was much older. They can't really express how they feel, but you are doing the right thing by wrapping her in love. Of course, you get upset. You are only human. So it is better to let it out instead of trying to hold everything in. I am continuously praying for you and your entire family, that definitely includes your husband. Our Savior has given you a helpmate and they are really hard to find. Nothing is perfect, but it is when hardship comes and you both are able to depend upon the other, that is what makes a true and everylasting marriage. So surprised that you are still doing templates.

Thanks for the happy thoughts to continue to build our stash. Leavin lUV! XOXOXO

vw bug said...

Definitely hugs and prayers. I soooo hate it when kids are not feeling well. My understanding is apricots work better and faster than prunes. Baby jar type. Good luck.

Tink said...

Ah sweetie, many thoughts and prayers for Jon, Amara and you. Must be hard to be away when they are sick (even if they drive you nuts when you are there).