Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Color Scheme December - Joy to the World

Predictable, I know. But here are the December colors. I'm all about the "traditional!" ;)


Tracy Anderson said...

Hi Sarah :)
I always download your stuff and often say thanks over at 4shared, but I've never posted here... so, I thought it about time. I just wanted to say a humble and most-heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful templates and mini kit freebies you've shared with us. I have absolutely LOVED every piece of it all. AND, I love traditional AND the verses you chose, so this whole project has been so uplifting to my spirit.
Not only that, but I just love the Chris Tomlin song on your blog... I so look forward to visiting your blog every couple of days... I sit and close my eyes, just taking the song in, sitting still with the Lord, and it just recharges my batteries. :)
You are very sweet... a ray of light in an often dark world... and the Lord must surely have many crowns waiting for you in Heaven :) Thank you for all you do and God Bless You,
Tracy - a fellow Believer and friend :)

AnnScraps Mum said...

I feel a little sad that the calendar has come to an end. I visit your blog every day, simply because you have a special touch that warms my heart. I know I will continue to visit your blog for that reason. You have a busy schedule ahead of you and moving to another new home must be exciting as well as exhausting. God Bless You, Sarah.