Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Answering Some Questions

I get lots of questions in the comments pages that I'm not always so good at answering. Sometimes I try to answer, but there's no email to respond to because of blogger defaults. So, I'm going to take a few quick minutes to answer a couple questions. Feel free to ask more, and I'll answer what/when I can!

From Stay-at-home Mom: I am really anxious to get into digital scrapbooking myself, but I have such a hard time sitting down to get started. Any suggestions? When do you typically work on your digital scrapbooking and how long does it take you per page?

The great thing about digital scrapping is there are no “messy” supplies. It’s as versatile as you can allow it to be. You can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours and the preparation and clean up take the same amount of time. I love that I can just shut my laptop to clean up my mess! That’s essential with two small kids. Sure you can’t “touch” it like you can with paper… but for me personally, I don’t care! I didn’t like touching it! J

I typically do my scrapping after 8pm when the kids go to sleep. Right now, I have very little scrapping time, because of preparing to move. But evenings are when I do it. Or naptimes. A favorite is to bring my computer with me on road trips (while my husband drives, of course), plane trips, or even car service waiting rooms!

The length of time spent on a page varies. Sometimes a LO just flows and goes together quite easily. I’m not very good at the “paper scrap” approach, and therefore those LO’s take me longer. It usually takes me just as long to pick the perfect font as it does to create the LO. I’m a “font snob” – it has to be just right!

I have two pieces of advice:
1) Start a “blog” or a journal of the daily things you want to remember, or you want your kids to know and/or remember. I’m about 4 months behind in my scrapping, but the blog I’ve created with their little stories will jog my memory when it comes to scrapping the pictures associated with that time. For me, journaling is the most important part of scrapbooking (because they are my kids’ baby books) – and the blogs help the journaling to be more timely. Sadly, I’ve already forgotten the stories from a month ago, but the blog helps to jog my memory.
2) Use templates. This isn’t a plug for my design, but they really help you “catch up” – especially with those every day events that need to be documented, but perhaps don’t justify a “super-special” design. Especially as a beginning digi-scrapper, templates help you get a feel for your program and get the designs started. They’re great jumping off points!

From Tom From Georgia: Hope you are moving to a warmer climate, but do not know where you live now.

While I won’t disclose exactly where I live now or where I’m moving to, we’re moving in the southern direction and will be exactly smack dab between my parents (South Dakota) and my husband’s parents (Texas). As it’s snowing today, a warmer climate sounds wonderful! We’ve only lived here (Ohio) for 2 years and have no family here. We’ll miss our friends, certainly, but we’re excited about the change.

From Anonymous: Regarding the video you have on your site. I would like to send it to a friend but I am not that computer savvy. Would I be able to do that?

You know, that's a good question! I have really no idea either!I think you could probably click on the video and go to the site thathosts it. (

In looking at it, I don't think you can email the video, but you cansend her/him the link to it.

Hey.... here's another one:


SheriJ said...

I am in Ohio too and so hated to see the snow hit. Started out with a two hour school delay that then ended up closing them. Luckily I can work from home but still not ready for this. I like my changing seasons but would be happy to just have snow for Christmas and then go back to spring for Jan.
Best of luck in the move. I was born in South Dakota too.

Stay-at-home Mom said...

Thank you so much for your comment Sarah! I actually have a 14 month old daughter, and I've kept a journal for her since she was about 3 months (off and on as I had the time). I started a blog myself back in October, and that has really helped me to stay current on what she is doing and the funny things she does. I just wish I had started blogging while I was pregnant as I know I probably would have more things documented on her while I was pregnant as well as those first 3 months. Oh well!

If you get a chance, my blog is:

Thanks again for the tips! I hope to get started soon, and I'll probably start with some of your templates as you recommended. I'll post them to my blog, and I'll let you know when I use your template so you can see how I've used them.

BTW, my Dad who pointed out your blog to me is actually the "Tom from Georgia." He has already done more digital scrapbooking pages than me, and he got started before my mom who is the creative one in the family. It was funny because we both commented the same day to your blog, but we didn't realize it until later.

Good luck with your move and God bless!

carin said...

just a note:
I hope you get to move to Colorado, if you're "in the middle"--it's the best state in the union! :)

Hummie said...

Wow, people love you just as always! I'm so happy for you that you are loved so much here.

Hummie said...

Wow, people love you just as always! I'm so happy for you that you are loved so much here.

Stephany13 said...

Thank you for your answers to questions post. I started a blog about two months ago and never realized I needed to use it as a journal tyoe thing. I have a really horrible memory and therefore forget what happened just a day ago. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Tom from Georgia said...

I guess you are traveling to check out your new city today. Hope you find something you can live with since you have to buy in a hurry. My wife and I and friends have made several trips to Ohio, to visit in the Amish country, near Berlin, and last year we were invited to an Amish wedding which we enjoyed very much. We hope to go back some time.

Jan said...

Thank you so much for the Chris
Tomlin links. I now have them both
on my blog and I am loving it. :)
I could listen to them
I love your blog! :)

Tink said...

Looks like we have some South Dakotans among us. LOL. Although an AF brat, I was born in SD. Would love to get back one of these days. Loved reading your answers to the questions.