Friday, September 28, 2007

May Color Scheme - Spring Garden

And while I'm in the blogger, here's May's color scheme. I'm a "brights" girl, not a pastel girl, so I thought this color scheme would be easy. Boy was I wrong! I hit a couple road blocks, but the kit is nearly done. If all goes as planned, you'll have the template Saturday and the kit on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I stumbled across your web site last week and, as soon as I saw what you were doing, I've had to come back every day to see what else you've posted. These calendar templates and mini-kits to make them are wonderful! And I also love the add-on kits. Such a fun thing to do!


shawnyrvr said...

They look so luscious and yummy!!!

Can't wait... I stalk your blog now girlfriend!!! lol

Luv Ya!!!

annscraps mum said...

I am definitely your #1 cheerleader. I love your color schemes and especially the theme for each month. Hope my new computer comes soon so I can join Andrea in this new venture of scrapping.

Anonymous said...

I love this calendar, may I use it with my girlscout troop for a christmas project for there families?