Thursday, September 20, 2007

April Color Scheme and Question

Here we have April's color scheme. You know... originally I was thinking that I'd hit April and Easter together -- but then it hit me that Easter is in March this year! Doh! Regardless though, April has my Easter mindset. I went with purples and golds because it's a "regal" month with the King on His throne! And besides, Easter should be celebrated year round! :) I'm not able to get on my "fun" computer for a bit, so unfortunately, the template and kit won't be ready until next week. Hopefully earlier than later!

Also, just a side note... I'm a procrastinator and don't work very far ahead (in other words, I'm not done with April yet, never mind May, June, July...). I also want to keep a little bit of anticipation alive. That said, I plan to release each month's color scheme in order and not skip ahead. So you'll just have to keep checking back! :)

Now my question and request...

I've had one wonderful person let me know that they are unable to see my polka dot overlays from "Lucky Me" and my scalloped paper from "Winter Wonderland" on their computer. These are PNG files, however, this person did mention she was able to see my other PNG files. Is anyone else having problems opening up any files? That's my request: if you do, please let me know!

I'm not really sure what the problem is with the PNG files mentioned though. When I went to "Save for Web", a warning came up saying it was too large and may lose something, but still saved just fine from my end. I'm wondering if "visibility" is what it lost. If others are having problems with those files, too, I'm guessing that's what happened. If anyone can clue me in on what may be going on, I'd appreciate that, too! :)

Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

I can see the files in both of these kits that you mentioned, just fine.... polka dots and the scalloped ones. Looks great to me! These mini kits are so wonderful! Thanks.

Sansai said...

If they are using a viewer with a white background they need to change it to a grey or darker color to see these. I also can see them ok. Thanks again for sharing :)

Tink said...

I have checked all your overlays out in PSP XI and have no problems opening or seeing them. :)

grambie said...

I have no problems with your PNGs. I have checked them out in PSE-5 asnd PSPX2 with no problems. I am thinking maybe her download was corrupt. It happens often for no sensible reason whatever, especially if she is using IE. It has happened to me too many times to talk about, yes I use IE, but now have FireFox on as substitute browser.

Thanks for the lovely color scheme in the wonderful colors of royalty. So wonderful of you to include the kits to complement the months. You are definitely spoiling all of us with your dynamic RAKs! Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

~Steph said...

no problems with the Winter Wonderland files here either (PSE5)
Thank you so much for sharing your work - I love this kit!!

Myxi said...

I can see 'em all in PSP 9,10,11, and PSCS2...I'm just a little late in answering..cuz I'm just now downloading April, May &

House of Romaine said...

Your ideas are beautiful! I'm new to the whole scrapbooking stuff but am in the process of making birthday calendars for Christmas presents (4 x 17 size). I found you after doing NUMEROUS searches for calendar ideas and then ideas with more Christian themes. I'm having problems as well with all of your files, they download jumbled or I can't see them. I'm working with a PC and publisher so that may be the problem. I sure miss my Mac but my husband is a youth pastor so we don't have a budget for a new computer! :-(. If you have any other ideas for how I could open and use your files that would be great...otherwise I'll just look, salivate, and enjoy your ideas! THANKS! Lois