Thursday, July 5, 2007

Element: Chrome Alphabet & Numbers

I sat down tonight with good intentions of doing some layouts of my own. However, I was so jazzed by all the comments on my Date Wheel, that my creative juices were flowing. So it's YOUR fault that I'm still behind on my scrapping! When my children are 50 years old, I'll make sure they know that. :)

Anyway, here's the idea that was going through my head. I always am on the search for really good looking chrome/metal objects -- you know -- the realistic looking staples, paperclips, binders, etc. So I sought out to teach myself how to chrome. I don't know if I'm 100% there, but it was a fun journey.

Then I thought about how to make chrome most versatile. I saw these really cool chrome outlined letters. The only "problem" was -- I was limited to the fill choice of the designer. No big deal; I loved her choice. However, it wouldn't match all the layouts I would potentially want it for, and recoloring the background sometimes messes with the color of the chrome as well.

My solution: Chrome Outlines!

These 3 files contain the entire alphabet in Caps and Lower Case, as well as numbers 0-9 and some commonly used symbols. They are just the outlines, however, so you can cut whatever paper you want to fit the inside. (The illustration I've included above is just random colors I've inserted into the outlines.) The result: these outlines match every layout you could dream of creating!

Here's how I use them:
In the letter file, use the MAGIC WAND and select the inside of the letter (the part you want to fill). In the SELECT menu, choose MODIFY, then EXPAND. I expanded it by 15 pixels. Then you fill that space with your paper or a paint bucket.

I'm sure you could also string them on a rope, chain, ribbon, etc. Gosh, the possibilities could be endless. I'd love to see what you think of for them and how you've used them.

As I mentioned, there are 3 files zipped into one. The total zip file is just over 26MB. Inside the zip file are three PNG files - Capitals, Lower Case, and Numbers. Each capital letter is approximately 2 inches square, and the font size was kept the same for each letter and number. They are 300dpi.


I hope you enjoy this -- now back to my regularly scheduled scrapping. :)
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mom2triplets04 said...

Way cool. thank you.

Lourdes Manners said...

AWESOME alpha. Can't wait to use it.

PSharp said...

Beautiful alpha. Thank you for sharing.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

These are great! Thanks so much and thanks for the 'how to' for those of us that are just starting!

MiKiko said...

Thanks Sarah for this great alpha and for the explanations!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic alphabet! Thanks!! -jsj

Lizzerd said...

oh what a great idea!! thanks bunches for sharing.

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty and unique. Thanks for sharing.

BelindasScrapz said...

Wow that is so totally perfect! It makes it so easy to use just the right fill for the layout with the outline or no fill at all thank you so much for choosing to share these with us instead of sell them. I am on a budget with zero money for spending so the freebies are the only thing I can scrap with you and those like you who continue to share are what make my day thank you so much

Sandie said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful freebie!! The instructions you give are also so appreciated!! That really helps me a lot!! Thank You so much!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! THESE ARE AWESOME! thank you so much! i, like you, love the metals and chromes and this way i can personalize them! How cool is that? LOL